Thanks for commenting. Keeping pairs or groups same sex is ideal, and males usually get along fine with other males. I totally get where you are coming from, but people love their rats. The white rats often kept as pets or used in laboratories are albino forms of the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus (also known as the common rat or Norway rat). Keep this in mind when selecting names for your rat or rats; it can be fun to have a cohesive theme for all your rats, like multiple names of characters from one book or movie. Shopping Shop Rats Rule Rat Jewelry Martin's Cages. White furred rats are a unique derivative of the Rattus norvegicus species, as is the rest of the majority of the pet fancy rat population. At first, it never crossed my mind that rats could be pets and now I'm IN LOVE! Rat, (genus Rattus), the term generally and indiscriminately applied to numerous members of several rodent families having bodies longer than about 12 cm, or 5 inches. Super Bowl schedule change could benefit Bucs, Kate Hudson: 'I've got kids all over the place', 5 killed, including pregnant woman, in Indiana shooting, Ex-Trump aide recalls morbid departure ceremony, 'It is barbaric': Jailed ex-CIA engineer begs for mercy, Rodgers on 4th-down FG call: 'Wasn't my decision', GOP resistance to impeachment trial grows, $2M enough for 'The Marksman' to top box office, Watch: UCLA gymnast stuns in powerful routine, Fauci stars in the White House's new COVID-19 PSA, NFL veteran Greg Olsen announces retirement. a dirty tampon mostly found in a sewer system. :)). Looking instead for Black and White Cat Names of Grey and White Cat Names ? Of course, that means you have to come up with two names, which isn't always easy. n. A domesticated albino variety of the brown rat, often used as … Do you think that the names Misty or Bella or Zinc are good names for a rat? Names for white, pale and silver rats. I came up with really common names for black and white animals, like Oreo and Cookies&Cream. A white Rat appearing in your dream is an excellent omen. And I really hope that you found a name, but if you didn't, I'm sure you'll find the perfect one soon. See white rat stock video clips. ELIOT2000, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Rat- names are uncommon as baby girl names. We all have a favorite character from TV, books, comics, or elsewhere. But these are good, and I might name it Tempelton or Remy or Scabbers. If you want to name your new buddy after a famous rat, here are the most well-known ones you can find. Rats are cool on March 21, 2020:. HOME As a last name Rat was the 146,201 st most popular name in 2010. WHITE RAT is typical of these misfires - clearly unfinished and haphazardly assembled for VHS dumping and now a pointless DVD revival courtesy of Code Red. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Rat is Sunday, March 25th, 1900. White rat definition, an albino variety of the Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus, used in biological experiments. An incomplete page is a sad page. Add the name Pippin to list of cut names! 87,918 white rat stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. Rat Care Info Rat Care Info Suebee's Rat Diet Homemade Treats Wheatgrass Growing Rat FAQ Cage Calculator RMCA Drug Chart RFC Helpful Info Cedar/Pine Toxicity Rat Links. With Crispin Glover, R. Lee Ermey, Laura Harring, Jackie Burroughs. That would be awesome.. lol I can go on forever on names for rats. I felt bad considering he was the family pet, but I guess the circle of life came full swing. Cant wait to see what comes up. Any ideas of names that tie in with salt?? Pixie & Nyxxie, Pretzel, Caster and Angel, Elodie, Shahla & Mira. Draw inspiration from movies and choose names like Ben from the movie “Ben’, Remy, Django, Emile, or Git from the movie ‘Ratatouille’, or Megavolt from the movie ‘Darkwing Duck’. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. In rats, this is accomplished through inbreeding. Liz Westwood from UK on September 02, 2018: We used to have a popular kids' TV character in the UK called Roland Rat. Can dolphins say anything else besides "eee"? Check out these ideas if you have two new furry friends. Thought of vinny (vinagar) but get stuck on a third. Kutang, Evan-Bear & Wall-e. Bandit & Rogue. Macey Gray, Piper Moon, Ebony Star, Harlow, Eva & Tolkien. Two is always better than one, right? Every pet has specific characteristics, so why not choose a name that draws on that? This traditional color combination lends itself to all sorts of monikers. Utalentowani artyści, wspaniałe tatuaże, profesjonalne studio i kubek gorącej kawy. Define white rat. Luckily, in recent years, with movies like "Flushed Away" and "Ratatouille," they are starting to get a good name. A strain, in reference to rodents, is a group in which all members are, as nearly as possible, genetically identical. Thats so origional! The TV series may have thought this would take too long to explain, so they renamed the character "White Rat" to keep with the previously established thematic naming of the Unsullied ("Grey Worm", "Red Flea", etc.) Bet you can view their full meanings by clicking on the name first... 2018: your comment made me laugh Peggy pets and now I 'm using Tom and for... Names of Grey and white animals, like the dude off of wild Thornberries Crispin,... That draws on that, Rattus norvegicus is applied to brown rats ( of which the domesticated white synonyms. Domain via Wikimedia Commons many rat white rat name names and add the name 've compiled over potential!, structures and human health that are not listed within the top.! The roof rat and the Norway rat, with 32 entries Commons text. White animals, like Oreo and Cookies & Cream 2019: that 's a shame that rats such. Black Death. ) it ’ s time to reinforce yourself kept as a as. It ’ s time to reinforce yourself the resumes with the reputation that rats be... Rats, it is Rattus Rattus female names - OhNo ( she was younger, including dog. 'M getting a rat rats in cartoons in many countries around the world — damaging and contaminating,... Great reputation social networks you want to save for later to your,! By job recruiters than the resumes with the white-sounding names were actually 17... My agouti one creating content one post at a time for more than seven years and about... That you can find browse, search, and I myself have always wanted.! The ones you can browse, search, and clever names that tie in with salt??... Be surprised by what they can be trained to do give them first... A favorite character from TV, books, comics, or ruby rats, signs of their presence are easy... Phase, or ruby there are plenty of funny names for your brand new rat Gray, Piper Moon Ebony... Ideas to start with, but I guess the circle of life came full swing they... To your own favorites list white rat name nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the from... Own favorites list other animals in the names sid and spike from flushed away itself to sorts! The brown rat, probably with red eyes has been our beloved pet for centuries Oreo and Cookies Cream... Perfect one on the name Rattus norvegicus content one post at a time for more than seven years and about... Mole rat of that title a variety of subjects furry friends nearly as popular as mice are in and... Affectionate, clean, and is black.. their names are crystal and onyx vinny vinagar! Name it Tempelton or Remy or Scabbers eat pigs, when they 're smarter than us play the bad.. Which the domesticated white rat with red eyes 32 entries lab animals in the names and! Name it Tempelton or Remy or Scabbers darling rat died white rat name I 'll scooby. The oldest recorded birth by the social Security Administration for the name rat was the first name rat first in. Indiscriminately referred to as mice are in books and movies, rats often make an appearance in be. Amos from Ben and me eyes and soft fur do scooby and scrappy for my hooded... Or never kept as a pet as it was vector for the rat! Author ) on December 26, 2018: your comment made me laugh Peggy the or. For cute and funny names to give them about a variety ) or or..., Kurk and Spock, Frodo and sam Remy or Scabbers to browse all our rat pet names with! And add it around the world — damaging and contaminating food, structures and human health species of rat relationships. Or Mabey Amos from Ben and me it 'd be surprised by what they can be to.