View your data by Cost Center
With HubCount you can view your accounting reports directly by cost center.
Consolidation of Companies
Consolidate balance sheets for as many companies as you like, applying configurable elimination rules in a simple and easy way.
Comparison with the presumed profit
Easy and fast parameterization.

How the HubReport works

Check out this presentation we prepared on how HubReport can make your job easier.
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A complete dashboard for powerful insights about your company and customers
Composition graphs of result and balance, comparatives, cash availability, liquidity and operations summary.
Calculator of revenue per employee, average ticket and valuation per ebitda, indicators of composition of income and expenses, sales taxes, break-even point and the “Kanitz thermometer”, an tool created to predict the possibility of bankruptcy of companies based on their data.
See all accounts with a more practical view of the financial cycle, cash composition, receivable and payable accounts, and much more.
Calculate expenses and costs per employee and generate a chart with the composition of the payroll and payable labor obligations.

More than 10 indicators such as return on investment, liquidity, degree of leverage, degree of indebtedness without equity, return on equity and much more.
Budget Comparison
Compare revenue vs. budgeted (gross revenue) or budgeted vs. actual expenses (commercial expenses) by merchandise sales, rental sales, agribusiness sales, gross income, finance, cost over revenue, and more.
Infographic with total sales, assets rotation and yield and results reports up to reaching return on capital.
All financial statements customized according to your needs
Balance Sheet
Have a monthly comparison with your current and non-current assets, equity and total assets and liabilities.
Statement of accumulated results for the year by percentage or values, operating expenses and income, income taxes, profit and loss, and number of shares at the end of the year.
Changes in Equity Statement and Cash Flow Statement
Table with statements of changes in equity and cash flows, showing items that do not affect operating cash, increase or decrease in assets and liability accounts.
View year-to-date and monthly earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.
The budget table includes the net operating revenue, gross and netprofit, Operational Profit before income taxes, and more.
Market Comparison
Segmentations to make comparisons and obtain results regarding gross revenue, operating and financial income and expenses, income tax and more.
Dynamic ledger view and + 60 custom audit rules
Dynamic Ledger
Table with analytical accounts, movement and sum of every month with visualization within the HubCount or Customer's chart of accounts, which can all be exported to Excel.
Audit and Insights
More than 62 customized rules, such as balance sheet checking, fixed rent expenses, benefit checking, and many others. You can edit, create and remove at will, also displaying the biggest monthly account variations.
Analysis of trial balances with specific parameterization in the Customer or HubCount model
Balance Sheet Management
View the trial balances and integrated ledgers.
One-Click Import and Export
Freedom to import and export trial balances easily and securely.
The most practical billing and Financial Statement reporting you've ever seen
Declaração de Faturamento
Quick and easy billing statement report for your companies, ready to sign and send to any agency that requests it.
P&L, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheets
Download the month report of your choice, with a standardized file ready to be send to audit, with open fields for signatures.
Forget the long hours wasted manipulating spreadsheets to consolidate companies and business groups
Business Groups
Create business groups and define the hierarchical relationship of companies in that group.
Consolidation Rules
Apply customized rules for each company in the business group, thus configuring the company consolidation only once.
Group Overview
Infographic with total sales, asset turnover and income, and income statements until reaching return on capital.
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